Thai silk is considered one of the finest fabrics in the world. Thai silk differs from silks, made from other countries, since Thai silk has its own designs which represent Thai culture and tradition. The silk designs have been derived from the ancient patterns, which reflect the way of Thai life that was in harmony with nature. Sometimes, the designs have been developed and modernized with the new ideas, to create varied traditional designs. Thai silk is, therefore, renowned as one of Thailand's unique creative achievements, and one of Thai traditional heritages. We,Thai people, have to take a part to help conserve our heritage to pass from generation to generation.

Compared to Thai silk, artificial Thai silk is relatively beautiful. Artificial Thai silks are rich in styles and colors; they yet retain their beauty and uniqueness of Thai traditional designs. Artificial Thai silk is entirely made by Thai people. The designs, patterns, colors are created by Thai's skilled craftmanships. On the other hand, unlike Thai silk, artificial Thai silk is quite affordable and it is easy care, which faciliates customers to use in their daily lives. Besides, it is stretch and shrink resistant.

The care instruction is stated as follows;
  Wash dark colors seperately
Machine wash, Warm 40 °c, Normal.
Do not bleach
Tumble dry, Low
Iron, Low
Do not Dry Clean
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