ผู้ผลิตผ้าไทย ผ้าซิ่น ผ้าตัดชุด ผ้าคลุมโต๊ะ ผ้าคลุมเตียง ผ้าคลุมไหล่ และ ผ้าสั่งทอทุกชนิด
We are a manufacturer of all kinds of Thai Traditional Fabrics,
Table Clothes, Bed Covers, and custom-made fabrics for upholstery,
curtain and home textile Fabrics.

Having been in the business for more than 50 years, Krungchareon Textile Industry co.,ltd, is one of leading Thai artificial silk manufacturers. We have attempted to pursue the perfection in this industry. In search of excellence, we have continuously been improving and developing our products, in order to meet and exceed customers' satisfaction. We have also emphasized on our quality controls, throughout the production processes, to reach international standard.

Our products are normally made from synthetic yarns. We are ,however, able to produce the fabrics, made from other kinds of yarns such as cotton, and silk ,etc. Compared to Thai silk, artificial Thai silk is relatively beautiful, but the price of artificial Thai silk is quite affordable and it is easy care. Our products are also rich in styles and colors, yet retain their beauty and uniqueness of Thai traditional fabrics.

Besides providing the fabrics, we have also been designing and making fabrics into "ready to wear" in various attractive styles, in order to use in different occasions. Our fabrics can also be used for other purposes rather than tailoring, such as curtains, cushion covers, pillowcases, table cloths, bed covers, stationery, etc.

Our wide variety of products are under these six brands, shown below;

By acting responsibly to the goal, we were able to acquire an international quality standard, ISO 9001 on 15th November, 2004-2006. Being certified by ISO, we have been assessed our process of product development and design, and also our production control through the strict inspection. The certification is given to us in order to guarantee our products’ quality, that has achieved international standards.

In July 2004, we have also been approved by ministry of commerce to employ “Thailand’s Brand” on our product logo. Thailand’s brand is a symbol of high quality export products; getting one is ,therefore, a proof for us that we are an efficient and effective producer and exporter of a wide diversity of quality goods and services.

Thai traditional fabric is considered one of the Thai traditional heritages that represent Thai culture and tradition; our company is therefore proud to be a part of Thai society to help conserve the Thai traditional heritage and accelerate Thai economic's growth.

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